The law firm of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP announced today its induction into Mackrell International, a leading network of independent law firms. Founded in 1987, members of the global association, based in Surrey, England, represent nearly 90 firms across 60 countries.
Bose McKinney & Evans is the first and only law firm in Indiana to be accepted into the international network. Membership with the association will substantially increase its clients’ access to seamless international legal representation while drawing upon the experience of 4,500 lawyers from other firms located around the world.
“Mackrell International has an outstanding reputation with which Bose McKinney & Evans is proud to be associated,” said Jeffrey Gaither, managing partner of Bose McKinney & Evans. “We look forward to the opportunity to work with other members and their clients who require business and legal guidance here in the United States and Indiana in particular, while giving our clients access to additional legal resources from all over the world.”
Bose McKinney & Evans partners Gregory Hahn and Scott Tarter will serve as the firm’s representatives to the association.
The process of joining Mackrell International, available by invitation only, involves an extensive application and review to determine whether the firm and its attorneys meet the organization’s standards of integrity and competence. Members are selected for their outstanding reputations as full-service firms with strong commercial and litigation practices.