INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The law firm of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP announced today the creation of the Data Breach Response Team, which is focused on advising organizations after sensitive information has been compromised by attacks or accidental leaks.
A dedicated team of attorneys with experience in intellectual property, employment, technology and insurance law will assist organizations in dealing with the business and legal challenges that arise when confidential information is exposed. The team also will work with organizations before an immediate threat is identified to prevent possible data breaches.
“Recent high-profile data breaches demonstrate that all organizations, no matter their size, can be vulnerable to malicious attacks,” said Craig Pinkus, a partner in Bose McKinney & Evans’ Intellectual Property Group, who is leading the new Data Breach Response Team.
Clients working with the Data Breach Response Team will have the advantage of multiple resources available to them, including collaboration with qualified information technology consultants and forensics firms. Also, clients will have the option of consulting with professionals from the Strategic Communications Group of Bose Public Affairs Group, the firm’s affiliate company.
“Our team, who has years of experience in helping clients with their most complex issues, is ready at a moment’s notice to quickly react to the needs of an organization and provide guidance throughout the entire process,” said Pinkus.
Bose McKinney & Evans’ Data Breach Response Team will help clients in the following areas:

  • Corporate information management programs
  • Crisis communications and reputation management
  • Investigations, in cooperation with forensic firms
  • Incident response plans
  • Insurance policy reviews and recommendations
  • Litigation and mitigation
  • Communications to affected individuals and entities
  • Notification to proper local, state and federal agencies
  • Privacy policies and compliance
  • Security filing disclosures

In addition to Pinkus, Bose McKinney & Evans attorneys Jennifer Day, Brian Jones, Philip Ripani and Christine Zoccola are part of the Data Breach Response Team. To learn more about the services provided by the Data Breach Response Team, visit Bose McKinney & Evans’ website at