Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in the September/October 2017 edition of The Estate Planner.
Life insurance: A flexible tool for charitable giving
For most people, life insurance is a key component of their estate plans. For those charitably inclined, there are a variety of ways to use life insurance to increase the size of their charitable gifts or to make those gifts more cost effective. This article discusses several techniques to consider, and a sidebar explains what’s deductible when donating a policy.
Harnessing the power: Powers of appointment beneficial in an uncertain estate planning environment
There are a variety of tools one can use to build flexibility into an estate plan. A power of appointment is simply a provision in an estate plan that permits another person to determine how, when and to whom certain assets in the estate or trust will be distributed. This article explains how a “holder” of a power of appointment can help ensure estate planning objectives are met.
Unmarried couples must consider alternative planning strategies
Unmarried couples face many of the same estate planning concerns as married couples. However, married couples can use more advantageous estate planning strategies than unmarried couples. What this means is that unmarried couples must engage in special planning to ensure that their decisions regarding asset distribution and health care are carried out per their wishes. This article details estate planning strategies available to unmarried couples.
Estate Planning Red Flag:A significant portion of your wealth is concentrated in a single stock
Estate planning and investment risk management go hand in hand. After all, an estate plan is effective only if a person has some wealth to transfer to the next generation. One of the most effective strategies for reducing the investment risk is to diversify the holdings. But it’s not unusual for affluent people to end up with a significant portion of their wealth concentrated in one or two stocks. This brief article explains why this can be problematic.