Webinar: Paving the Way Toward Smoother Infrastructure Projects

The Litigation Practice Group of Mackrell International held and recorded a complimentary webinar Paving the Way Toward Smoother Infrastructure Projects.

Whether you are a project owner, regulator, contractor, supplier or consultant, you know that large-scale infrastructure projects are complex by nature.   Fluctuating site conditions, weather, labor shortages, supply chain management glitches, obscure zoning rules or changing laws only add to the complexity and often halt progress.

As federal, state and local governments look to ramp up infrastructure projects, attorneys from Mackrell International member firms Bose McKinney & Evans, Bergman Dacey Goldsmith and MehaffyWeber, P.C. shared case studies and offered best practices in effectively handling infrastructure projects and their seemingly inevitable challenges. By examining projects from the multiple perspectives, the attorneys provided a more holistic view of projects and opportunities.


Mind your PPP’s and Q’s: Public-private partnerships and questions about their utility in infrastructure projects

  • The basics of the P3 delivery method
  • Why is the P3 model being used increasingly on infrastructure projects?
  • What legal challenges do P3 projects face?
  • How are P3 projects evolving to meet those legal challenges?

The Trump Infrastructure Plan and its potential impacts on environmental review

  • What does the plan propose?
    • “One agency, one decision”
    • Simplifying review
    • Firm deadlines
    • Mitigation streamlining
    • Environmental statute reform
  • What is the status of the proposed reforms?

Delay damages in infrastructure projects: four keys to any delay case

  • Contract language
  • Notice
  • Recordkeeping
  • Schedule

The insurance and surety policies necessary to allow the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise

  • The type of surety agreement language needed
  • The type of insurance agreement language needed

Who should watch:

Local, state and federal government infrastructure leaders, zoning officials, DOT professionals, environmental management professionals, environmental consultants, attorneys, in-house counsel, general contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, excavation companies, civil engineers, professional engineers, appraisal specialists and insurance professionals

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