About Us

About Us

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP is a business law firm, serving both publicly held and privately held businesses, governmental entities and high-growth industries.

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, international manufacturers, national and regional financial institutions, agribusinesses, sports teams, university-incubated start-ups, media, utilities, cities and schools, to name a few. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients as key business advisors, to exceed expectations in the quality of our work, to be knowledgeable about our clients’ businesses and sectors, to be responsive to service needs and to continually seek to improve the delivery of client services. Our ultimate focus is on our clients.

To learn how we can be a powerful asset to your business, call us at 317-684-5000.

The Creation and Evolution of “A Different Kind of Law Firm”
More than a half-century ago, a local attorney named Lewis C. Bose left a successful Indianapolis law firm to found what he called “a different kind of law firm.” Bose, a Yale Law School graduate and World War II veteran, envisioned a law firm that stressed cooperation, mutual respect and excellence.  He partnered with other local visionaries to start a firm which would be a leader in the local legal community.

Lew Bose died in 2001 at the age of 83, but nearly six decades after Bose founded the firm, his successors continue to embrace the founding principles.  In the spirit of its founder, Bose McKinney & Evans remains dedicated to responsiveness, innovation and excellence.

Firm Beginnings
An Indianapolis native, Lew Bose graduated with the Yale Law School class of 1942 that included future U.S. Supreme Court Justices Potter Stewart and Byron “Whizzer” White.  After U.S. Navy service during World War II, Bose returned to Indianapolis and began a career in law.  Bose, Charlie Cook and Paul Buchanan formed the nucleus of the firm that practiced law “from A to Z: adoption to zoning,” as one of the partners recalled.

The then Cook Bose & Buchanan added the current firm’s second namesake in 1957.  Bill Evans was an Indianapolis native who had graduated from Princeton University, earned his law degree at Harvard Law School and obtained a master’s degree in law at George Washington University.  During World War II, Evans fought with the legendary 10th Mountain Division.

Evans returned to Indianapolis, was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1957 and joined Cook Bose Buchanan & Evans that year.  Colleagues remember Evans as a lawyer’s lawyer, and he remains one of the few local attorneys to argue and win a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The candidate Evans defeated in that 1957 House race was Democrat Bob McKinney, who would become the firm’s third namesake.  A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, McKinney joined Lew Bose, Bill Evans and Paul Buchanan in Bose Buchanan McKinney & Evans in 1963.  When he joined the firm, McKinney was already chairman of the city’s First Federal Savings and Loan Association, as well as president of four other companies.  McKinney’s business experience and contacts would be invaluable to the Indianapolis law firm.

Paul Buchanan, who had been one of the firm’s founding partners in 1955, left the firm in 1971, when he was elected to the Indiana Appellate Court.  With his election to the bench, the firm became Bose McKinney & Evans.

Consolidation in Education and Government, As Well As A New Football Team
Lew Bose and the attorneys at Bose McKinney & Evans were involved in two of the major consolidation initiatives of 20th century Indiana.  The General Assembly enacted landmark school consolidation legislation in the 1959 session.  In the late 1950s, Bose and his colleagues at the firm established a reputation for handling the thorny legal issues that often arose when neighboring rural school districts were consolidated.

Nearly a decade later, Lew Bose would become involved in then Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar’s plan to create a unified government structure in Marion County.  Bose had served as an advisor to Lugar during the longtime U.S. Senator’s first run for Mayor in 1967 and had acquainted Lugar with ways that consolidation could be applied to municipal government.  Lugar asked Bose to prepare a memorandum outlining problems and solutions attendant to government reform and municipal consolidation.   Bose later worked with a task force of lawyers to draft what became known as the UniGov legislation.

Bose McKinney & Evans also was instrumental in the Colts’ move from Baltimore to the Hoosier capital city. When the Colts moved to Indianapolis in the spring of 1984, the City of Baltimore took legal action in an attempt to retain the franchise. Bose McKinney & Evans fashioned a parallel action which enabled the Colts to stay in Indiana.

The Firm Today
Bose McKinney & Evans has evolved dramatically from the firm that Lew Bose founded in 1955.  Evans died in 1991 at the comparatively young age of 67.  Bose passed away in Indianapolis in 2001.  Bob McKinney retired as a partner in 1991 to devote more time to his business interests.

The firm that Bose, Evans and McKinney created and nurtured has evolved into a complex firm that prides itself on its experience in numerous specific areas of the law.  Bose McKinney & Evans works closely with its clients in numerous practice areas, including corporate governance, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, estate and business succession planning, labor and employment, utilities, tax, and municipal and education law.

The firm’s more than 100 attorneys work with privately owned businesses, universities and research foundations, government entities and public companies.  The goal, unchanged since the firm was founded almost 60 years ago, remains helping clients to resolve their problems and meet their objectives.  The firm’s affiliate, Bose Public Affairs Group, provides clients with local, state and federal government relations, strategic communications, procurement and strategic advisory services.

Bose McKinney & Evans takes seriously its commitment to the community it calls home.  Attorneys at Bose McKinney & Evans have long taken leadership positions in business, cultural, political, youth, civic and religious organizations.  Several of the firm’s partners have been active at the national, state and local levels of both major political parties.  The firm sponsors charitable events around the state and raises money through its “Goodwill Committee” for those in need who do not qualify for other charitable assistance.

Today, Lew Bose would certainly see the continued growth of the firm he founded more than a half-century ago as a good thing.  Bose continually stressed that the role of lawyers is to resolve problems.  As those problems have become more complex, specialization has demanded that the successful law firm continues to grow and evolve.  Even though the firm has grown far beyond the size of the small firm that Lew Bose founded in 1955, Bose McKinney & Evans has maintained the spirit of collegiality and dedication to client service that the founders intended to foster from the very beginning.

Mackrell International
Bose McKinney & Evans is a member of Mackrell International, a leading network of independent law firms. Members of the global association represent nearly 90 firms across 60 countries.  Mackrell International has members in 32 states in the U.S.

Bose McKinney & Evans is the first and only law firm in Indiana to be accepted into the international network. Membership with Mackrell International will substantially increase clients’ access to domestic and international legal representation while drawing upon the experience of more than 4,500 lawyers from other firms located around the world.


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