Agricultural Operations, including CFOs and CAFOs


Daniel McInerny

Today, agriculture-related businesses include much more than actual farming. Land is now used, not only for crops and livestock, but also to produce energy and products that improve our lives. Agribusiness owners are faced with more business, environmental, and economic pressures and regulations than ever before. Our Environmental and Agricultural Law Groups can help. A number of our lawyers have owned and operated farms or worked in agricultural support businesses. When it comes to legal issues impacting agribusinesses, we know the lay of the land.

 Our broad range of experience covers the field:

  • Representing agribusiness in the development, operations and defense of CAFOs and CFOs.
  • Assisting with environmental issues such as real estate site assessments, compliance and agency enforcement actions 
  • Assisting with environmental due diligence involved in real estate acquisitions and sales, zoning and 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Providing litigation and alternative dispute resolution services relating to regulatory matters
  • Advocating for agribusiness interests through lobbying and addressing regulatory actions and issues

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