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Today, colleges and universities find themselves dealing with issues and opportunities beyond the education of students. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is moving beyond research to economic development from that research conducted at colleges and universities. But with the opportunities comes the need for guidance: How should all of the ideas generated within the university be evaluated for commercial viability? How should inventions be protected? How should the technology be transferred for commercialization? Should a new company be created? How should a new company be structured? The attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans have experience working with and guiding universities through these questions and more, and developing short-term and long-term strategic plans for the intellectual property. In addition, many of the Bose McKinney & Evans intellectual property attorneys have advanced technical degrees and industry experience, so our lawyers understand not only the relevant law, but also relevant technical and business considerations.         

The world of federal relations for colleges and universities also has become more sophisticated.  The days of earmarks have shifted.  Therefore, Bose McKinney & Evans and our federal relations team at Bose Public Affairs Group recommend cultivating long-term partnerships with federal agencies.  Our governmental relations professionals represent colleges and universities in such long-term strategies, utilizing their understanding of the internal workings of the congressional policymaking and budget processes.

As universities, whether public or private, face tightening budgets, many look to cooperative purchasing arrangements to leverage the strength of many and to stretch the dollars of all.  In this spirit, the Bose McKinney & Evans team helped to secure passage of legislation that permits colleges to form liability pools in Indiana.  Bose McKinney & Evans was hired to evaluate vendors to assist in the formation of a risk management trust, as a result of the new law, and also assisted in launching a collective purchasing effort for liability insurance.

In addition to these unique areas of law affecting universities and colleges, our attorneys have worked with institutions of higher learning in various capacities, serving as general counsel, trustees, board members, special project advisors and committee members.  Also, the professionals of Bose Public Affairs Group frequently represent colleges and universities in their local and state public affairs issues.

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