Data Privacy


Brian Jones

High profile data breaches grab headlines, but organizations of all sizes are potential targets. Our Data Privacy stands ready to help if your data is attacked or accidentally exposed.

When a data breach occurs, we respond quickly to help clients secure data, notify law enforcement and government agencies, communicate with affected individuals and businesses, conduct forensic investigations and prevent future breaches. Our attorneys collaborate with qualified IT consultants and can offer clients the award winning public relations assistance of the Strategic Communications Group of the firm’s affiliate company, Bose Public Affairs Group.

The Data Privacy Team’s first priority is containing data breach damage and expense as fast as possible. After a breach has been managed, we can represent your organization in litigation or government investigations that follow.

Ideally, we work with clients before the threat of a data breach to advise on prevention and insurance.

We assist clients with
• Corporate information management programs
• Crisis communications and reputation management
• Investigations, in cooperation with forensic firms
• Incident response plans
• Insurance policy reviews and recommendations
• Litigation
• Mitigation
• Notification of affected individuals and entities
• Notification to proper local, state and federal agencies
• Privacy policies and HIPAA compliance
• Security filing disclosures


Data Privacy

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