Disability and Retirement Planning


Gregory Shelley

Attorneys in the Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning Group assist clients in planning for the expected and the unexpected. Most people look forward to retirement – time to enjoy grandchildren, travel and take pleasure in the fruits of their labor from previous years. Our attorneys help clients analyze their goals for retirement, project the cashflow needed throughout retirement, evaluate the financial resources already in place, including Social Security and investments, and recommend the most tax-effective methods of withdrawing retirement savings from 401(k) accounts, IRAs and other investments.

Our attorneys also are experienced in helping to protect clients’ well-being and assets in the wake of debilitating conditions that end or weaken their earning power, or leave them without their full mental capacity. They assist clients, before the onset of illness or injury, to provide for the management of their personal and financial affairs during periods of disability. This ranges from the preparation of detailed business succession plans to the appointment of agents authorized to act under durable powers of attorney, the appointment of representatives authorized to act with respect to health care matters, and the use of trusts to provide not only for the disposition of assets at death, but also for the management of property during periods of disability without the need for a court-appointed guardian.

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