Today, agriculture-related businesses include much more than actual farming.  Land is now used, not only for crops and livestock, but also to develop products that improve our lives.  Biotechnology is researching new methods and medicines, and incorporating organic materials into new products and energy.  Support services, such as processing or financing, help agribusinesses survive.

Agribusiness owners are faced with more business, environmental and economic pressures and regulations than ever before.  Our Agribusiness Group can help.  A number of our lawyers have owned and operated farms or worked in agricultural support businesses.  Others have extensive experiences in areas such as environmental law, real estate and succession planning.  The attorneys stay on the leading edge of issues, including federal and state laws, that impact agribusiness and serve as resources to the media on critical topics.  When it comes to legal issues impacting agribusinesses, we know the lay of the land.

Our broad range of experience covers the field:

  • Assisting with environmental issues such as real estate site assessments, confined feeding approval, compliance and agency enforcement actions
  • Minimizing taxes and maximizing profits through tax planning for individuals, partnerships and corporations
  • Planning for the succession of farms or agricultural businesses.  We help make sure the family farm stays in the family!
  • Handling labor and workers’ compensation issues, as well as employment agreements
  • Assisting with real estate acquisitions and sales, financing, lease agreements, zoning and 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Providing litigation and alternative dispute resolution services relating to commercial disputes, contracts and regulatory matters
  • Representing agricultural finance companies in matter ranging from start-up to the daily business of processing commercial agricultural loans
  • Advocating for agribusiness interests through lobbing and addressing regulatory actions and issues
  • Serving as legal counsel to many agricultural trade associations
  • The members of the Bose McKinney & Evans Wind Energy Group also have the background to assist landowners considering placement of wind turbines on their land.

Members of the Bose McKinney & Evans Agribusiness Group have participated as advisors on eLegacyConnect , a forum for ag families to build strategic business and succession plans.  Please view Gary Chapman’s webinar “How to Build a Fence Around Your Equity” recorded for eLegacyConnect, as well as an interview on the Dynamics of a Family Farm.

Our practice has grown by helping our clients grow.  We understand the unique financial pressures agribusinesses face today and the often seasonal nature of income and expenses.  Our attorneys will work with you to establish a billing arrangement to fit your needs without disrupting the cash flow essential for growth.