Bose McKinney & Evans represents publishers of books, periodicals, articles and other resources in both traditional print and online media.   With more and more publishers using the Internet to distribute their works, and the ease of gathering information from the Web and other electronic media, and the reuse of that information in content distributed over the Internet, copyright and trademark protection and infringement issues have never been more important.

Bose McKinney & Evans assists our publishing clients with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts.  We assist with securing rights for the use of copyrighted materials in works clients desire to publish. Our attorneys handle issues regarding confidentiality, rights to privacy, the use of a person’s image or likeness and the rights of publicity.  We provide advice on ownership issues related to commissioned works, works by employees, works from academia, joint works, collective works and derivative works.   Bose McKinney & Evans attorneys also counsel on editing, use of photos, production, databases, distribution, packaging and publicity.  Our attorneys have experience working with agents as well as in securing necessary rights.

Despite best laid plans and intentions, publishing has its risks.  Our attorneys advise clients on claims of defamation, negligent mis-statements, criminal libel, copyright infringement, and infringements on rights of privacy and publicity.

As the publishing world goes through cycles of expansion and consolidation, the attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans can help clients capitalize on opportunities for mergers and acquisitions and assist with the financing arrangements to complete those transactions.


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