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Michael Bartol

Jennifer Day

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The most important assets of a business are often its intangibles — its patents, trademarks, copyrights, ideas and know-how. Protecting these assets requires lawyers who understand not only the relevant law, but also technical and business considerations.

The patent attorneys in our Intellectual Property Group have technical backgrounds in engineering, science and computer science. This experience gives us a head start on issues involving complex technologies, including medical devices, biotech, pharmaceutical, green technology, automotive, computer software and e-commerce electronic products. Our experience ranges from guiding clients through the patent process, to handling simple and complex technology agreements, to intellectual property litigation.

We analyze intellectual capital, select appropriate protection and enforce rights. As part of this collaboration, we also take time to understand our client’s business and to inquire about long-term and short-term goals, research and development initiatives, marketing plans and competitive strategies. We don’t just scratch the surface — we delve into the details to help identify and protect the assets that make our client’s business unique.


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