Manufacturing and distribution


Scott Tarter

Manufacturing and distribution activities drive state, national and international economies.  Whether traditional manufacturing operations or next generation production, the attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans can help with business structure and organization, national and international networking, contract negotiation, drafting and review, employment, immigration and union issues, tax advice, international business transactions, sales and distribution agreements, and compliance with state and federal regulations and investigations. 

When additional financing is needed to expand and improve facilities or equipment, ramp up production, invest in research and development, or for acquisition purposes, Bose McKinney & Evans has substantial experience in a variety of financing options.  From traditional banking sources, to venture capital options, public funds and state and local incentives, our attorneys can help weigh the options and guide manufacturing and distribution clients through the appropriate processes.

Manufacturing and distribution facilities tend to use considerable energy, and need to be able to rely upon the availability of cost-efficient energy supplies.  Our attorneys can negotiate with utilities on favorable rates, and assist clients in their efforts to investigate and obtain better energy options, such as the use of renewable energy sources, and to explore and implement environmentally friendly processes.

The existing regulatory and legislative landscape at the state and federal level, and changes to that landscape, can significantly impact manufacturing operations.  Our attorneys stay up to date with that landscape. Bose Public Affairs Group, the lobbying and public affairs affiliate of Bose McKinney & Evans, provides a voice for clients in the Indiana State House and on Capitol Hill, and monitors and acts upon the many proposed regulatory issues and changes that may impact our manufacturing and distribution clients.

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