Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises


Chad Walker

Bose McKinney & Evans works to support minority and women-owned businesses and to help continue the trend of growth these businesses are experiencing. In addition to general business representation of minority and women-owned businesses, including drafting, negotiating contracts, selecting the appropriate legal structure for a business and advising on financing options, the firm’s interdisciplinary practice includes solutions for those unique issues that arise among businesses owned and controlled by women and minorities such as obtaining government certification and bidding for and procuring government contracts.

For those businesses not yet certified as minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs) or women-owned business enterprises (WBEs), the attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans can help clients determine if certification is the right business decision. Companies that work with or want to begin serving local, state or federal governments might want to consider certification. Also, many Fortune 500 corporations look for certified MBEs or WBEs when selecting suppliers, contractors and business partners. When considering the opportunity to work with governments and big corporations, potential MBEs/WBEs must determine if they can fulfill large contracts and requests.

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