Bose McKinney & Evans is interested in retaining top attorney talent in order to serve our clients well.  We do hire laterally when the attorney’s experience matches our firm’s focus. 

We consider our associates a vital part of the firm, and we attempt to select and train them with considerable care. While associates need to prove themselves for future partnership, there is no institutionalized competition for a limited number of partnership openings. Each associate is hired with the genuine hope that he or she will eventually become a partner.

A natural outgrowth of this attitude is early responsibility. Associates can expect to deal with clients right away and to function as full-fledged members of the firm very early in their careers. They also have the opportunity to work directly with the most senior and experienced attorneys and to take advantage of continuing education. In addition, the firm makes an effort to expose new associates to many areas of the law. As a result, attorneys handle problems outside their practice groups as needed by clients.

If you are interested in applying to Bose McKinney & Evans for a partner or associate position, please contact:

Human Resources Department
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
111 Monument Circle, Suite 2700
Indianapolis, IN 46204