Lateral Partners and Associates

Bose McKinney & Evans offers the opportunity for a sophisticated, high-level legal practice without the bureaucracy and lifestyle sacrifices often associated with large firms. Our clients include businesses of all sizes headquartered throughout the world, governmental units, school corporations and individuals. We routinely represent clients in large and complicated business transactions and in high-stakes litigation involving significant claims and cutting edge legal and constitutional issues. We are active in shaping the law on behalf of our clients at the state legislature and before national, state and local administrative agencies. We also, however, focus attention on the needs of closely held businesses and give them the help they need to grow.

Despite our own growth in size in recent years, we remain committed to the individuality and personal growth of each lawyer in the firm. As a result, we have a group of highly skilled lawyers who work well together but whose lives and interests are pleasantly diverse. There is substantial variation in the educational and social backgrounds of the lawyers at our firm and, not surprisingly, they engage in a wide range of civic, political and other activities.

Bose McKinney & Evans is interested in retaining top attorney talent in order to serve our clients well.  We do hire laterally when the attorney’s experience matches our firm’s focus. 

We consider our associates a vital part of the firm, and we hire them with a serious commitment to them. Relying as we do on steady growth for the future rather than a pattern of rapid hiring and attrition, we attempt to select and train associates with considerable care. We do this to maintain the quality of work product and to continue the firm’s tradition of being a special and unique place to work. While associates here, just as anywhere else, do need to prove themselves for future partnership, there is no need for associates to compete among themselves for a restricted number of openings. Every associate is hired with the genuine hope that he or she will eventually become a partner.

A natural outgrowth of this attitude is early responsibility. Associates can expect to deal with clients right away and to function as full-fledged members of the firm very early in their careers. They also have the opportunity to work directly with the most senior and experienced attorneys and to take advantage of continuing education. In addition, the firm makes an effort to expose new associates to many areas of the law. As a result, attorneys handle problems outside their practice groups as needed by clients.

If you are interested in applying to Bose McKinney & Evans for a partner or associate position, please contact:

Human Resources Department
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
111 Monument Circle, Suite 2700
Indianapolis, IN 46204