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With the former general counsel to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the former speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, and an electric utility executive, the Utilities Group of Bose McKinney & Evans is well placed to represent the interests of those involved in the provision of utility service within the State of Indiana.  We know the laws that affect all utilities; we understand the jurisdiction of the regulatory agencies; and we have extensive experience in dealing with the basic issues of utility rates, territories, financing, easements, permits and the powers available to Indiana corporations and municipalities.

Following the lead of one of the firm’s founders, Bill Evans, the Utilities Group prides itself on providing aggressive representation where reasonable solutions are not immediately at hand.  We regularly represent entities concerned with distributing potable water, treating wastewater, controlling stormwater, delivering of natural gas, delivering of electric energy, providing of electronic communication or pursuing renewable energy throughout Indiana.  Whether your issue is that of a not-for-profit utility, municipal utility, cooperative utility, investor-owned public utility or an entity negotiating with an Indiana utility, there are few issues in which the current members of the Utilities Group have not been involved during the last 30 years.

Whether your issue involves establishing financing and basic rates, extending a main or harnessing alternative energy for use on site and for sale, we know the business.

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