Solar Energy


Kristina Kern Wheeler

Nikki Gray Shoultz

Solar energy has emerged as a leading source of power in Indiana and across the nation. Our attorneys assist a variety of solar energy stakeholders, including solar developers, project construction firms, landowners, cities, towns and counties, and private businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar Project Developers and Investors
We represent solar developers at every stage of the project development process. Our attorneys guide developers as they work with state and local government regulators on local zoning, permitting and ordinance compliance; project finance, tax benefits, and economic development; review and negotiation of leases; state regulatory compliance; and power purchase agreement negotiation.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing landowners considering leases to place solar facilities on their property. Because our team is well versed in the unique needs of the agricultural community, we work with farmers to protect their interests during solar lease negotiations.

Project Construction Firms
Our attorneys negotiate EPC and related contracts on behalf of solar project construction firms that build renewable projects across the nation.

Local Government
We assist city and county government leaders balance the interests of project developers and citizens in the areas of economic development and renewable energy ordinance issues including zoning, road use and decommissioning agreement negotiation.

Private Businesses
More of the country’s largest private companies are announcing plans to self-supply their energy needs with carbon-neutral fuel and cogeneration. We assist private industry clients in navigating the process to self-supply, including federal, state and local regulations; negotiating with utilitiy providers for back-up power; and project financing.

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