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State and local governments touch all our lives. It provides police protection and emergency services; collects and disposes of trash; builds and maintains streets, sewers, jails and other public facilities; decides zoning issues; establishes and administers the budget; weighs financing options; enacts and enforces laws; and plans for growth. These are huge responsibilities for the officials of the state, counties, cities, towns and municipalities, who often undertake these duties under tight budget constraints.

Bose McKinney & Evans assists state and local governmental officials with these sometimes overwhelming tasks. Officials can turn to Bose McKinney & Evans when faced with legal issues, from day-to-day to the unexpected. With our experience, chances are we’ve handled similar issues and can guide officials efficiently through the complex web of strategic and legal concerns.

Our experience can save clients time, and that translates into money. It also helps local governments move ahead instead of being stalled due to unresolved legal issues. We realize that local government issues affect people where they live – literally. So we don’t want “just the facts;” we want to understand the impact of issues and the community sentiment. State and local government officials throughout Indiana can feel comfortable working with us. After all, Indiana is our home, too. With the benefit of this experience, state local governments have a head start instead of a headache.

Services to state and local governmental entities include the following:

Project Financing – The Bose McKinney & Evans Public Finance Group has extensive experience in virtually all financing techniques used in Indiana. We work efficiently, even under intense public and media scrutiny, to develop effective financing strategies, and we seek innovative methods to help make the process more effective and less costly, with positive community support.
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Utilities – With one of the largest utility practices in the state, Bose McKinney & Evans regularly assists municipalities with issues pending in local boards, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Department of Natural Resources, and in state and federal courts. Such issues may include rates or rate design, service area disputes, financial capital improvements, local political issues and more. The attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans provide practical and effective solutions for municipalities facing utility issues.
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Economic Development – It’s no secret that economic development is essential for providing a strong tax base, high-paying jobs for residents and a better quality of life through improved schools, fire and police protection, parks and recreation facilities, and infrastructure. Therefore, the competition to land economic development projects is fierce.  The attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans understand the steps municipalities and development corporations must take, the local, state and federal incentives available and the ramifications for those residents who may want development, but not in their backyards.  In addition, the governmental relations professionals of Bose Public Affairs Group can lend their experience in public affairs and procurement to streamline the economic development process.

Employment Issues 
– The firm’s experience in employment law and experience in governmental services combine to become strong advocates of governmental entities and municipalities faced by complex interactions with employees. Our team assists with preventative measures and best practices, such as employee policies and training programs, as well as with acute issues, such as disciplinary actions, firings, lay-offs, administrative compliance and lawsuit defense.

Litigation – No one desires that disputes reach the courtroom. But, when they do, municipalities or county governments want the experience of trained attorneys providing representation. Our extensive jury trial experience, in addition to our participation in mediation and arbitration proceedings, provides a substantial resource for our clients who seek efficient, cost-effective resolutions to disputes. Equally important, our attorneys advise clients on litigation avoidance, strategy and case management.
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Environmental Concerns – The changing requirements imposed by a growing number of frequently overlapping federal, state and local environmental agencies can be confusing. Up-front legal consultation can help ensure compliance, and avoid unnecessary penalties or a costly environmental breach. We have represented clients in cases ranging from administrative agency actions throughout the entire court process.
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Administrative Law – Bose McKinney & Evans attorneys provide in-depth experience in the ever-widening agency administrative process. Our attorneys represent clients in permitting, licensure and compliance issues, before both state and federal regulatory agencies. In addition, our attorneys have worked with agency administrations in voluntary advisory roles, so we understand the individuals and policies that drive agency activities. We combine our established understanding of various governmental agency processes with our knowledge of federal and state regulations to help our clients successfully negotiate the complexities of administrative law.
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