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Bose McKinney & Evans attorneys represent transportation insurers and their third-party administrators. Our representation includes defending against personal injury claims, untangling insurance coverage disputes, and pursuing subrogation claims.

Transportation insurers are often called upon to defend against catastrophic claims, including multiple fatalities and serious bodily injures. These types of claims require an immediate response, and experience in dealing with evidence preservation, expert witnesses and accident investigation.

Our attorneys have experience as first responders, responsible for coordinating the critical functions of investigation, protecting the legal rights of the carrier and the driver, and gathering and preserving evidence for potential litigation. Our attorneys understand that in the minutes and hours following an accident, the need for reliable information is paramount, and they provide that information through swift and clear communications with the risk management team. They also provide advice on media relations when appropriate.

Insurance coverage is a large part of transportation, and real world events rarely align themselves with the language found in insurance policies. Our attorneys can help navigate the insuring agreements, exclusions and exceptions, which determine the existence and amount of coverage available for the many types of losses that can occur. Our attorneys handle insurance coverage questions relating to liability, property damage and cargo claims, and provide written opinions when requested. In the vast majority of cases, we have assisted our clients in resolving these disputes without resort to litigation.

Our attorneys also are called upon to assist with subrogation claims. The litigation experience of our attorneys allows them to effectively pursue those claims in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Since litigation is a potential outcome of all transportation claims and disputes, insurers can benefit from the significant litigation experience of our attorneys, including experience in conducting jury trials and appeals. Our lawyers possess the judgment needed to advise insurers on all of the benefits and risks of litigation and, if a matter does go to trial, the ability to thoroughly prepare and present the case.


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