Venture Capital and Private Equity


John Millspaugh

Nationally Ranked in Venture Capital Law by U.S. News Media Group.

No matter how you slice it, venture capital and private equity are crucial — crucial to fueling economic growth, crucial to financing the businesses that bring technology and innovation to our world, crucial to growing jobs, crucial to fulfilling entrepreneurs’ dream.

Not surprisingly, such vital components for growth have their complexities. The attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans have assisted start-up and emerging businesses and mature companies, as well as private equity and venture capital funds, to structure and complete financing transactions with efficiency, thoroughness and agility. Through our work on both sides of the deal table, we have deep experience, as well as a strong appreciation, for how companies are financed, how the influx of capital affects businesses and how investors must make educated investments on definitive timetables.

We also help introduce private equity professionals, venture fund managers and angels to business owners seeking capital to determine if there are opportunities to work together.

We assist with:

  • Businesses formation
  • Development of strategies for short-term and long-term growth
  • Early stage, mezzanine and senior secured financings
  • Acquisitions
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Management buyouts
  • Exit strategies
  • Private equity fund formations
  • Management of private equity funds

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