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Harnessing the natural power of wind has become a viable and attractive alternative to our world’s growing need and desire for alternative energy sources. Bose McKinney & Evans has significant experience in Indiana wind energy law representing clients in contract negotiations between energy companies and landowners.

Our attorneys are active leaders in the State of Indiana’s Wind Working Group, which is a multi-stakeholder effort to examine wind energy issues, develop solutions, facilitate workshops and demonstrate the State of Indiana’s proactive approach to wind power development.

We have worked with various wind farm developers and landowners in negotiating contracts for the siting of wind turbines. We understand how to efficiently navigate the complexities of wind farm development including permitting, zoning, landowner easement, municipal ordinance drafting, taxation and environmental compliance issues. We have assisted clients in the creation of favorable tax legislation for wind farm projects. If needed, we also assist our clients with state and federal issues such as production tax credits, access to the transmission grid and renewable portfolio standards.

Our knowledge of what works in wind energy is based on our decades of work with regulated and unregulated utilities throughout Indiana. We have represented utility companies, utility customers and vendors who deal with utilities. We have helped establish contracts, helped set rates, funded projects, obtained easements and dealt with a myriad number of issues affecting the production and delivery of energy. It is from this history of seeing the energy industry change from a vertical, extensively regulated, relatively small monopolistic operation to the current horizontal, deregulated, competitive business climate that allows us to offer valuable advice to the business of creating energy from wind.

The attorneys of Bose McKinney & Evans can assist with a variety of matters, including the following:

  • Licensing
  • Contracts, service agreements and negotiations
  • Debt and equity finance
  • Representation of landowners in negotiation of wind easement agreements
  • Green initiatives, including certification, sustainability, energy management, clean technology and construction issues
  • Project finance
  • Construction
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Issue spotting and governmental relations at the local, state and federal levels
  • Interconnectivity and capacity rights
  • Real and personal property tax, including negotiations with local assessors
  • Land acquisition and zoning
  • Grant applications
  • Patents on technologies and processes
  • Dispute resolution
  • Anti-trust and market power
  • Environmental permitting and environmental impact statements
  • Rate increases, including representation before regulatory commissions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Creditors’ rights, bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Wind Energy PDF

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